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Wuertz Machine Works is a privately owned company with one goal in mind; to make the best better.  Founder/owner Travis Wuertz has over 15 years of knife making experience and 9 Years in design, machining, and fabricating one-off prototypes that have met many different needs.  However, in the last year he developed a versatile horizontal and vertical grinder that he feels meets the knife-making industry's unique but practical demands. 

As a knifemaker himself, Travis recognizes the importance of a tools' worth and has come up with something every serious bladesmith should have; a grinder that can do it all.  That's why he is proud to introduce
The TW-90

"Built for knifemakers by a knifemaker"

The TW-90 is a combination grinder that can be easily switched between the vertical and horizontal position.  Not only that, but it comes with a wide and useful variety of tool rests/grinding tables that can be interchanged and adjusted easily for multi-angle grinding as well as flat grinds. 

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Travis Wuertz
2487 East Highway 287
Casa Grande, AZ 85194

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