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The TW-90 Grinder

Product Specs


Company-Wuertz Machine Works LLC.

Grinder Name- TW90 Vertical/Horizontal Grinder,  (the 90 is for the 90 degree vertical to horizontal tilt feature)


Frame: CNC Laser cut from ¼ inch steel plate, precision welded and powder coated.

Drive:  Comes standard (only) with 2 horsepower Variable speed (via variable frequency drive).  Power output is 2hp on 220 single phase and 1 ½ hp when run with 110 single phase power

Tracking:  Unique drive-wheel-tracking and specially domed wheels provide exceptionally smooth and stable tracking in both vertical and horizontal grinding positions

Wheels:  CNC machined billet 6061 aircraft aluminum wheels with dual bearings, precision shafts and retainers.

          -Contact wheel -8” non-serrated polyurethane standard. 
           (toolbars are available to use Bader serrated contact wheels and small wheels)

Platten:  2”x10”  flat platen with 2”x2” aluminum or polyurethane idler wheels

Tool Rest:  Billet quick change tool rest provides multiple configurations for contact wheel and flat-platten in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Additional quick change tool-rests are available.  Single plane quick change tool
           rests are extremely convenient for basic grinding operations

Small Wheel attachment:  Dual Fork quick change small wheel attachment that accepts Bader type small wheels. 

Coming soon:

               -surface grinding attachment


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